As I have mentioned, Michael Taeckens is the editor of Love Is a Four-Letter Word, in which my essay, “The Rules of Repulsion,” appears (I really need to create a php script that will add that statement to everything I write). He’s a lovely person and a brilliant writer himself (he’s also contributed an essay to the anthology. I see what you did there, Michael!).

He is also a very pleasant editor to work with. Here’s what an average email exchange with him is like:

MT: This essay is great! I am hesitant to change a single word, but I was thinking you might consider reframing a few things, like the part in which you issue a fatwa against every man who’s ever wronged you, and also the other part where you talk about how much you love marmalade (as brilliant as it is, I’m thinking it might not be entirely germane to the theme of the essay…do you think maybe you accidentally cut and pasted it into the wrong Word doc or something?).

Me: I can’t say I agree with you about either of those edits, MICHAEL. WTF is wrong with death threats? They’re part of my healing process. And only a total asshole would hate marmalade. Don’t touch the essay.

MT: I completely understand your concerns. I’m glad you considered my suggestions, as silly as they might have been. Incidentally, I know it’s only 11:30 am, so pardon me if I’m being presumptuous, but have you been drinking?

Me: What the hell does the time of day have to do with it? I’ll have you know that it’s 1 pm in Venezuela right now.

MT: You’re in Venezuela?

Me: Who said anything about Venezuela?

MT: No one, actually–my mistake completely. I’m such a lulu sometimes. Anyhoo, since you’ve been drinking (and there’s nothing wrong with that), I’m going to take out those two passages anyway and hope you don’t even remember we had this conversation. Please delete this email after you read it.

Me: Aye aye!

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