I am reading! I am appearing! I am being published! I am back!

A dear friend reminded me that maybe this might be the right time to, oh, start promoting my upcoming readings and whatnot. Herewith, my Self-Promotion Offensive, in chronological order, AFTER THE JUMP.

I’m pretty delighted to be a “featured” author on the NYC leg of the Dollar Store Super Summer Tour.

Sunday July 12th at 8 pm

The Slipper Room (167 Orchard at Stanton–and no, I won’t be fan dancing on the bar)

Admission: 1 buck!

Readers/performers: Aaron Burch, Blake Butler, Zach Dodson, Amelia Gray, Mary Hamilton, Jac Jemc, Robert Lopez, and, of course, me.

The ordinarily Chicago-based Dollar Store Show was created by (some of) the same brilliant minds who bring us Featherproof Books. It’s described as “…an evening of readings and performances given by some of Chicago’s top literary talents, monologists, performers, and drunks…[using] a ‘suggestion’ for the pieces performed in the show. Each writer is given an item purchased at a local dollar store (mundane to insane) and a month to craft a story (fiction or non-) that involves the item as directly or obliquely as the author wishes. The item is then put on display during, or incorporated into the performance.”

This sounds awesome, no? I hope you’ll come.

If you can’t make it, however, I have the pleasure and privilege of reading at a number of different events in August and September, all in the name of Love Is a Four-Letter Word, an anthology of essays edited/compiled by Michael Taeckens. I will get into more detail (so much more detail, in fact, that you’ll probably become totally uninterested in hearing about it) in another post. BUT for the purposes of SEO (it’s not astroturfing if I do it on my own blog!) I’ll tell give you a quick reading rundown.

There are a number of readings, many of which feature authors whose work you might enjoy more than mine, but here are the ones I’ll be reading at (provided I don’t violate my parole before then). Come one, come all:

Monday, August 3, 7 pm, at the Half King, with Jami Attenberg, Emily Flake, Michelle Green, and Dan Kennedy

Wednesday, August 19, 7 pm, at McNally Jackson, with Maud Newton, Josh Kilmer-Purcell, and Amanda Stern

Tuesday, September 1, 5:45 pm [yes, you read it right], at Cornelia Street Cafe, with Emily Flake, Michelle Green, and Maud Newton

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