Tonight at 8 pm at the Slipper Room I’ll be part of Dollar Store Super Summer Tour. Admission: ONE DOLLAR! It’ll be fun, and it’ll be the only time you’ll ever catch me in a burlesque club (I like my nudity more straightforward, as you know).

Sunday July 12th at 8 pm

The Slipper Room (167 Orchard at Stanton)

Admission: 1 buck!

Readers/performers: Aaron Burch, Blake Butler, Zach Dodson, Amelia Gray, Mary Hamilton, Jac Jemc, Robert Lopez, and, of course, me.


One Response to Tonight: Dollar Store Show!

  1. Rev. Santino says:

    congratulation D.E. Rasso, your reading was great. you lookd confident and professional.
    you’ve got style! welcome back in the light.