AKA, people who have good things to say about Love Is a Four-Letter Word.

  • Spin recommends it in their August issue, the issue I almost bought at LGA a few weeks back, but didn’t, because I apparently don’t care that traditional media is swirling the bowl.

More inside…

  • The WSJ says: “Most of the tales in “Love is a Four-Letter Word” are unsentimental; in addition to lampooning former lovers, the authors seem willing, even eager, to lay bare their own flaws.”

I read with particular horror D.E. Rasso’s “The Rules of Repulsion,” not only for its odious love story but for the awful accuracy of its depiction of “Camden College,” the fictional institution–and I do mean institution–I also attended (and which stars in Brett Easton Ellis’ The Rules of Attraction). “When I think about it now,” Rasso writes of her hipper-than-thou, abusive lover, “I can understand the Dateline NBC stories about those women married to serial killers.” And her boyfriend, Booth, isn’t her only problem; Rasso notes that “even at a school full of maladroit, narcissistic, and completely unhinged personalities, I wasn’t fitting in very well.”

A friend once noted, with regard to “Camden,” that all its alums talked about their time there like POWs. I’m happy to have independent validation of that. Thanks Susan!

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