Did everyone go over to the Penguin blog to read Wendy’s fantastic guest post in celebration of LOVE IS A FOUR-LETTER WORD, titled Reasons To Avoid Writing About Past Relationships In The Fake Present Tense?

I suppose it should have bothered me that the class didn’t quite understand that this was an artful reconstruction. (You think I didn’t see it coming, kid? I wrote it coming!) And it did, to some extent. Honestly though, what bugged me more about the students’ comments was reading them made my life feel like an infinitely regressing series of bad decisions: dating jackass: writing about dating jackass: consenting to watching a class full of 19-year-olds discuss book chapter about doomed-jackass-relationship: eating entire bag of shredded cheese. Or most of it, anyway, as I sat in front of the computer and read about how pathetic I was.

Said Sayrafiezadeh is penning today’s guest post–it should be up this afternoon.

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