Last night, after attending the (say it along with me, boys and girls) Love Is a Four-Letter Word reading, I tagged along with the readers to a Cuban place down the street from B&N where I ate half of a giant plate of pernil. I might’ve been able to finish the whole thing, but I was also ganking food off everyone else’s plates. Shameless. It was a fun night, sort of an Algonquin Round Table with rimming jokes. Much to my delight (and just as Michael promised), Dave White and I really hit it off, due in part to our love of Tapeheads* and the fact that he mentioned Anal Cunt on the Penguin Blog.

So this morning I got up and finished the pernil and the rice and beans for breakfast. It’s not sitting as well today, but maybe that’s because I didn’t wash it down with a blue-flavored margarita.

*Where the fuck did the Modes go with our money?
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