If you are coming to this site because you’ve been redirected from That Other Site, it’s because I’m trying to consolidate. Like when you go through your kitchen drawers and decide that you don’t really need three potato mashers.

Anyhow, I just now discovered that a post I made years ago about Nancy Grace (bless her heart, that new hairdo of hers is so youthful) is being cited in her Wikipedia entry. I think that some of you might have me confused with a legitimate news organization. Ain’t that some shit?

Oooh, speaking of swears, the Half King reading went very well last night. It was really a pleasure to be up there with so many supertalented writers. To my chagrin, however, I was the only reader to use actual four-letter-words (as well as a graphic slang term for a sexual act) and it made me feel like Clarence Carter onstage with the Jonas Brothers. Fortunately no one stormed out, though I wouldn’t have blamed them.

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