Always late to the game, I neglected to post a link last week to the Love Is a Four-Letter Word Book Notes mix-tape post over at Largehearted Boy. Michael methodically wrung these selections out of us all, so go over and read it, will ya? My selection, by the way, was Sebadoh’s “Soul and Fire,” from Bubble and Scrape:

The thrill of discovery,
Divine intervention;
Cruel, cruel change,
Pain of rejection.

As you walk away
Think of all the joy we shared.
If you decide you need me,
I’ll be wondering if I care…

I have heard that the reason J Mascis kicked Lou Barlow out of Dinosaur Jr is because Lou finally got a girlfriend and “wouldn’t shut up about it.” This might be untrue.

When choosing my track for this list, I couldn’t decide between this and “Freed Pig” off of one of Sebadoh’s earlier albums, which is still my favorite. And I definitely *do* remember blaring that track on the car stereo while I barreled down a local road on my way home from high school, shortly after breaking up with my boyfriend. By barreling, I mean doing 70 in a 55, too. And, naturally, when I was pulled over by a Statie, I discovered I had left my wallet home that day. God knows why he let me go with a warning* but he did. So that song, “Freed Pig,” has its own story entirely–though I’m sure it was the soundtrack for more than one breakup–whereas “Soul and Fire” was absolutely on constant rotation in fall of ’93 and thus the perfect accompaniment to my essay. My roommate and I switched between Bubble and Scrape and the Butthole Surfers’ Locust Abortion Technician, which is essentially the opposite of and thus the perfect antidote, the perfect palate cleanser before a dinner of Choco Puffs and chocolate milk.

Sebadoh, “Soul and Fire”

*No, I didn’t blow him, if that’s what you’re thinking.

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