[I started writing this two days ago. The paucity of material around here is due partly to work constraints as well as the 11th hour freaking out about my thesis. Things might be quiet around here until after the 24th.]

Last night I went to trivia night in Greenpoint (which I admit guiltily, given that fine gentlemen were hosting a trivia night elsewhere, and something tells me that they weren’t asking questions about Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so more’s the loss) and realized a stunning defeat 3 hours later.

I learned a number of new things along the way, though. Most important: Absinthe doesn’t make you smarter! Also, I’m good at identifying backward-played Motley Crue songs. (Perhaps there’s a way to monetize this? Will check into this.)

I’m not a trivia night habitue, but I do enjoy shooting my mouth off with such certainty on foreign topics that I force everyone around me to abandon their personal beliefs in favor of shutting me up. Who doesn’t?

Anyhow, the trivia team name seems to be pretty important. It must be clever, preferably incorporating some bit of current pop culture detritus. As you all know, someone very very influential died this past week, providing boundless potential for team names. That’s right–Eunice Kennedy. And that’s how I came up with my first suggestion:
The Dead Kennedys

Too soon? Yeah, too soon. So we came up with a number of this John Hughes guy-related names. Naturally, I forced everyone to use the one I came up with:
The Farmer Teds

We didn’t win. Buffy the Vampire Slayer though? Not like I want to diminish its snarky influence on pretty much anyone within a decade’s radius of my age, but fuck, who knew there’s such a wide swath of pop knowledge that I DON’T POSSESS?

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