From Butt Magazine, Owen Goes to Baltimore (and goes to my favorite Charm City bar*)(NSFW, duh):

The next place on our list was The Drinkery, which we headed to with particular gusto as a result of it’s prominence in one of John’s most notorious scenes. The Drinkery is not only the oldest gay bar in Baltimore, but also the location where Pink Flamingos’ final scene of Divine eating the still-steaming feces of a little trotting dog was filmed. Giggling like schoolgirls, me and Helen swayed up to The Drinkery’s exterior, posed with the bar’s sign and dried to pinpoint the exact spot on the sidewalk where Divine’s shit-eating had taken place. As if we weren’t going in!

The thing I liked best about the Drinkery was its happy hour. Two-for-one drinks! But you got them both at the same time. Without ice. I told a friend moving to Baltimore that he should check the place out. He wrote me back a month later to say, “When you recommended the Drinkery, I didn’t realize you HATED ME.”

*Well, my favorite bar that still exists and doesn’t involve naked dancing boys.
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