The Start Tribune said some very nice things about Love Is a Four-Letter Word, and I got name-checked. Why thank you, Star Tribune!

Anthology of heartache:

Lucky for navel-gazers everywhere, editor Michael Taeckens has compiled “Love Is a Four-Letter Word,” a collection of remembrances on the topic of heartache so chock full of callous lovers the book is sure to satisfy even the most forlorn.

Taeckens, a graduate of the Iowa Writer’s Workshop, also wrote the book’s standout piece (“The Book of Love and Transformation”), a story both poignant and hilarious….

The up-and-coming writers are the ones who make this collection unforgettable. D.E. Rasso, for example, recounts a punk-rock romance at Camden College in the Doc Marten era, offering up a gritty tale of sexual debasement that is not only highly readable, but sure to both repulse and resonate. (What more can a person ask for?)….

Dave White writes the collection’s funniest story. “This Guy Who Was My Boyfriend” is a searing anatomy of a good-natured stalking from the point of view of the beleaguered stalkee. After hooking up with a man at a country bar who looks like Garth Brooks from the “fatter platinum-album years,” White finds himself with a highly determined devotee on his hands.

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