In addition to updating this blog, there are other things I also procrastinate doing. I collect pre-1950s group portrait photos (some might say compulsively). (One of these days, maybe, I’ll get around to digitizing them. Some of them are kinda large though.) Sometimes I’m lucky and they come framed, but often the best ones turn up in an ancient shoebox at a tag sale.

Many of them have been hanging out, time immemorial, in my desk drawers, because they’re unframed. And so they shall remain until I get around to ordering frames online. So then I can cover all four of our living room walls with them. And every night we can be stared at by 1,000 eyes while we eat dinner.

Part of what’s keeping me from ordering these frames is that there’s some sort of unfathomable method when it comes to frame measurement. And math is hard! So yeah, I’ve had these guys bookmarked for years, and someone on AskMetafilter asked about them the other day, and thus I was once again reminded of what a moron I am.

They’ve updated the site, however, and have gone so far as to produce a cartoon music video where a nice lady sings a song about how to measure for frames:

It’s like Left Banke meets Magnetic Fields meets Schoolhouse Rock. I wish everything difficult could be explained in a cartoon music video.

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