Last night N and I went to see the awesome Tiger! Shit! Tiger! Tiger! A good time was had by all, and we went home, and by then it was 1 am, which is way past my bedtime, and I made the foolish move of checking my email and there were web update requests that I just…couldn’t…leave…for…the…morning. Sigh.

On one hand, it’s good when your bosses see that you’re willing to do Whatever It Takes to get the job done. But then they start expecting things of you, things like “work ethic” and “ambition.”

If you missed T!S!T!T! last night, you can catch them tomorrow night at an unofficial CMJ show at Bushwick Music Studios featuring them, The Tryptics, Renminbi, Pet Ghost Project, Spiral Beach, and Cinema Cinema. Why the hell not?

Also at the show last night were Dallas band Binary Sunrise. We enjoyed their set and I picked up the CD. Haven’t listened to it yet, but it’s got a naked woman on the cover (sadly, not greased and on all fours, with a dog collar around her neck) so it’s probably awesome.

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