Binary SunriseSo a while back, we went to see the fantastic Tiger! Shit! Tiger! Tiger! at Lit Lounge, a locale that always makes me envision dying in a fire. Dying in a fire inside a tea room. But if I only go once a year, I figure my chances are diminished significantly (especially now that I’ve given up freebase). So yeah, we went to Lit and I drank a $3 bottle of water.

We walked in halfway through Binary Sunrise. The small bit I heard made me suspect we’d kinda missed out on something really interesting, so I bought their CD after their set.

Having listened to this CD about 250 times now, I can confirm that yes, we did miss something interesting, and that this might be my favorite record of 2009 (caveat: I have only purchased 5 other records this year). At around listen #8, I said to N, “I think this might be kinda brilliant.”

To me, the sound is a layered pastiche* of rather disparate bands (Beatles, Supertramp, prog rock, New Wave synth stuff, Magnetic Fields, Animal Collective…yeah, weird) and the lyrics all have this completely un-self-conscious quality, whether they’re sad, funny or indignant. I could go on about how much I love this album, but I’m not a music critic, just a music snob.

I challenge you to listen to this song and not enjoy it. (At least a little.)

Hey! Don’t walk away! Please! Don’t walk away! You don’t know what you’re missing…

Binary Sunrise, Five Minutes

Buy their CD here.

*Edited to add: Yes, this is redundant, and that’s what happens when I try to use fancy words.

2 Responses to Binary Sunrise

  1. Marco says:

    Not bad. The lyrics are ok and the beat is good. I give it a 5/10.
    * I like the part when they speed up things to 78 rpm. It’s sorta like a mini-meth hit that seems to spin around in your head.

  2. Marco says:

    After a few more listens, I up it to a 6/10. It might rise to a possible 7/10 if I pump it through my sound system downstairs. There is lots going on up in there.