Photo credit: Some fucking Pagan
Photo credit: Some fucking Pagan

Today’s Election Day, here in NYC. Quite possibly, it’s the most pointless since the last time we had a mayoral race. Bloomberg has sent every NYC resident a $50 bill (I got mine last week) as an enticement. The decision is already made.

There is, however, something fascinating going on in the nether regions of Queens (the parts that are a combo of backwoods Tennessee and the Sopranos). There’s this dude running on the Republican ticket for a council seat. And he’s a fucking PAGAN. (Technically, he’s a “Heathen,” but for the sake of sweeping generalization…) Look, here’s a picture of him dancing around with a frigging sword! I love it. And the people of the 19th District, staunch Republicans that they are, will most assuredly vote a fucking robe-wearing, tree worshipping WIZARD into office rather than a moderate Democrat. I fucking love it.

*Too obscure? Nah.
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