…from NYC. Or, perhaps I’ll run on a ticket next year with the Let’s Annex All Yankees Fans to Yonkers Party.

Yes friends, something has temporarily distracted me from my current outrage, which vacillates between the travesty that is the Anthony Sowell case and the bullshit that is the Publisher’s Weekly Top Ten Books Written by Dudes This Year list. (Thanks, Lizzie, for giving a nice what-for to the establishment.)

It is the Yankees ticker tape parade. My first question is why do New Yorkers act like such fucking hicks en masse? Second: Why were there so many of them coming into the city from Queens? Traitors! And why are they drunk at 8 am? It’s a friggin’ parade, not an Irish wake.

Oh, and also this: Mass-murder hotwings, anyone?

Here is the One Good Thing: Binary Sunrise! Yes, I talked about them already, but it’s good shit. As Tom said, more eloquently than I:

I wonder if, as the Internet increases everyone’s record collections beyond infinity (at least everyone who’s truly interested in music), we’re going to hear more stuff like this. Weird amalgamations of tons of influences at once (I hear Kraftwerk, ELO, Sparks, Big Star, Neutral Milk Hotel, Nilsson, Roxy Music…and on and on). Thanks again for this.

And he hates everything! This is a ringing endorsement.

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