This is what I listen to every morning now.* Now that N and I are waging war against a banking monolith. But we will succeed, goddammit, because if you fuck with us, you fuck with you. And when all is said and done, I will tell everyone all about it, and spin my tale of wrong-headed and narcissistic woe.

(But not before then, because I’m terrified that someone at the Bank That Shall Remain Unnamed will read it and then fuck with us to an even greater extent. Or call the police. Because at one point in the story, I bat around the idea of loading up the car with cans of kerosene, going down to Charlotte, and driving right into the lobby of the main offices of said bank. Because I’ve become a fucking Berserker at this point. Maud will attest to this.)

*This, and “Stigmata,” by Ministry, the live version…sorry Tom. I know that they’re no American Music Club.
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  2. Marco says:

    Keep the fire under their corporate ass!