nativesSorry about the lack of fresh content these days. I’ve just been so engrossed in this whole Tiger Woods thing. I mean, have you ever
heard of a star athlete having multiple affairs and drug abuse issues? Seriously, this is so much more important than the state of the economy, and I’m really glad that the media is treating it as such.


Speaking of spectacles. The other night, N and I caught the end of this show, Meet the Natives. The people of Tanna are really interesting (read more about the John Frum Cargo Cult for background), and it pains me to see them dancing around in an Upper East Side doyenne’s Classic Six for the entertainment of all involved. But that wasn’t the part of the episode that blew our GODDAMNED MINDS.

It was the part when the doyenne gave the tribesmen their parting gift: Framed photos of her standing with Barack Obama.

The Gods MUST Be Crazy.

In other news, one of my dreams has finally come true: I’ve been mentioned in the National Review:

Perhaps part of the reason these women fail to find commitment-free sex liberating is that they continue to harbor desires for monogamous love, marriage, and children. D. E. Rasso relates how, after weeks of repairing to the room of an older college classmate for sex that left her “bruised, scratched, and — one time — bleeding,” she finally mustered the courage to inquire of him if they were “going out.” His reply was, “No. Of course we aren’t. . . . I’m at a point in my life where monogamy isn’t my style.” She was crushed.

I really would’ve liked it to also say something like “She is the Antichrist,” but I don’t mean to sound like an ingrate. Needless to say, the absolute *last* thing I wanted at age 18 was marriage and children. Maud, Michael and I had a virtual roundtable after the fact, and I’m pretty pleased that it treads that fine line between Katherine Connell’s “boredom and narcissism”:

DER: I feel like there’s no conservative scorn worse than “self-identified feminist,” unless “Pagan” or “childless” were somehow thrown in there.

MN: Don’t forget “homosexual” and “transsexual”! (Perspectives “pointedly included.”) Is “unwed mother” out of vogue now?

DER: Michael, how about you, Maud, and I pool our mad money and put that ad in the NRO ourselves. Because I want to keep magazines alive.

MT: Dana, I love your idea of running an ad in the National Review. Maybe we could use a picture of Sarah Palin?

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