This is an interview with Marc Randazza, a brilliant and scathingly funny lawyer specializing in First Amendment cases:

Back to the porn. Do you ever find yourself saying, “Yes, you have a right to do that, but that content is really bizarre”?

Oh, yeah. Sure. You get that Scooby-Doo moment where you do that double take. The breadth of the human condition is amazing. I mean, who comes up with transgender weightlifters having sex with Lego people? Sometimes I just have to scratch my head.

Are you ever disturbed by the content?

Yes. I worked on the Karen Fletcher case. She wrote really disturbing stories about child abuse. They weren’t true; they were pure fiction. The content was very disturbing, but I focused on the fact that a prosecutor wanted to put an American in jail for writing fiction. FICTION! Once you can focus on that, the content doesn’t matter.

Why not?

To me, it’s a political issue, and it’s about living in a free society. You have to have the right to your thoughts. Look, if I were a dictator, I’d love to ban Sarah Palin’s new book—it’s dipshit Mad Libs—but I believe that the greatest crime is the suppression of thought.

This is his brief for the Glenn Beck Raped and Murdered a Young Girl in 1990 case. Awesome.

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