surveyN and I have entered a new stage of adulthood, the rewards of a combination of good fortune, careful saving, intense research, and seemingly endless background checks and bureaucratic red tape. We are now partaking of the American Dream:

We have become absentee slumlords.

What a rush.

And now, NOW I can say that only an imbecile would get a mortgage with Bank of America. Fuck ’em, Blood Meridian-style. More on that later.

P.S. Finally got the “opportunity” to see What We Do Is Secret, and, as I predicted years ago over at #1HS, it indeed should’ve been called What We Do Is Suck. After it was over my next-door neighbor showed up and I remembered that he had my copy of the Darby Crash bio, and I asked him: Hey, don’t you still have my copy of Lexicon Devil? And he was like, I do, but why the hell would you want it back? Touché.

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