Bizarre interlude, here: Found the magical Seger Button [via] and lo, when I clicked on it, up came this video:

I was immediately flooded with the memory of Satanic Ritual Abuse my tap dancing lessons at Mrs. Brucie’s School of Dance, ca. 1979. Classes were held in the local community center, and I recall very little beyond learning to wave a baton around, and teasing the only girl younger than I was until she cried. (Those of you who have met me as an adult are thinking right about now, “Tap dancing? But she’s so ungainly!” I will have you know that my mother pulled me out of Mrs. Brucie’s classes after only a few months, because the instructor — who is, believe it or not, still around and still coordinating beauty pageants when she’s not running the local bookstore — wanted to send me to charm school and believed I had real potential in the Little Miss pageant arena. Bless her heart. Imagine how different I’d be today! I don’t know that I’d be particularly graceful, but I bet that I’d know how to put my valise in the overhead compartment without my crinoline peeking out from under my skirt.)

Anyhow, we danced to this song. And goddamn you, Seger, why are none of your songs available for electronic download at Amazon or iTunes or eMusic? Are you some kind of Luddite? I just want to reminisce.

*C’mon, tell me that the Mask soundtrack (which featured TWO Seger songs) wasn’t completely awesome. The only thing awesomer about that movie was Sam Elliott’s mustache.

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