I really can’t offer much of a preamble to this Ask Metafilter question beyond “Wait…what?”

Is it a grand gesture to anonymously give a woman I think is beautiful a banjo?

At the beginning of this semester, I briefly was in a relationship with a woman who I cared a great deal about. It didn’t end well, and really, it couldn’t have ended well. We have nothing in common. But as it is, I still think she is beautiful, and I’d like to do something truly grand, both to make this world a better (albeit stranger) place, and to give myself some closure.

…I can think of nothing in this world more beautiful than this girl playing the banjo. I mean, Christ, just that mental image of her sitting under a tree in spring sunshine, picking a banjo. That is something I would keep until the worms picked it from my rotting brain.

I can think of nothing in this world more…totally batshit insane.

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