Given the recent uptick in traffic, I thought I’d avail myself of the opportunity to promote shit that I like. It will help you understand. Because I’m concerned that I’m inadvertently giving you the impression that I a) have more than the slightest awareness of pop culture, b) consort with folks outside of my LARP circle, and c) talk to people at parties. This was like an albino hunchback riding a unicorn.*

Anyhow. Two bands I love, one book recommendation, and an unassailable holiday gift idea.

Tiger! Shit! Tiger! Tiger!, this incredible Italian post-punk band:

T!S!T!T!, Oh Look, a Grenade!

Binary Sunrise, from Dallas, TX, who sound like so many things, all of them wonderful:

Binary Sunrise, Five Minutes

Everyone else I’m listening to, as per usual, is dead and gone and I don’t want you to know about them anyhow.

Book recommendation: Two Dollar Radio‘s Some Things That Meant the World to Me, by Joshua Mohr. I read it during my St. Louis adventure. It’s a simultaneously creepy and poignant story about a drunk haunted by his past, and I enjoyed it immensely and not just because it’s like my life story (minus San Francisco, which might be the only town I hate more than Atlanta or Chicago)(Yeah you heard me).

Finally, hey, are you looking for a Christmas gift to amuse/alienate your loved ones? I can’t think of a better gift than Love Is a Four-Letter Word, which is available at finer bookstores everywhere and the bookshelf at the National Review. You can even read an excerpt here, and that’s the only time I’m givin’ it away for free.

*Did you know that “unicorn” is a term for a single woman at a swinger’s club? I learned that recently.
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