Orange House ProjectBuying a house in Florida has turned us into Republicans with no interest in saving the environment or protecting the health of others around us. You wanna know what’s in the little red house to the left of our Christo sculpture? A day care center. That’s right, kids, the hell with your future deformed progeny; we gotta kill the entire ecosystem in our cute little 1920s “handyman’s special” in the Vernacular style. (Interesting sidenote: Do you know the first thing the exterminators did when they showed up? They set off TEAR GAS inside the building to make sure there weren’t any squatters inside. I had no idea.)

Well, finally my life mirrors my logo.

(Oh, and that circular gray thing sprouting out from the side of the house is not a mushroom; it’s a DirectTV satellite dish. Because the squatters were in such a hurry to get out, they forgot to take it with them.)

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