The Universe sent me a special message today: A snowstorm.

Hey, the Universe said, Don’t feel bad about staying in tonight! I know in the past you’ve stayed in when you had plenty of opportunities to go out and totally blew everyone off, and I know that one could interpret this snowstorm as punishment for that, seeing as you were halfheartedly looking to go out tonight, and now you have nothing. But the point is, that’s what everything is. Nothing. Everything is Nothing.

I know, right? That is shit is straight out of some midcentury Swedish movie. Anyhow, it’s possible that there are things you should care about, but New Year’s Eve isn’t one of them.

And then N and I went out into the snowy Universe and obtained the ingredients for Red Posole, substituting Costeno peppers for New Mexico peppers (all we got’s the frozen green Hatch variety). Hopefully it won’t be too far afield from the original.

And then the Universe sent my neighbor over with chocolate from Belgium, which we consumed with cheap Portuguese wine, and we reminisced about Tapeheads, Bob Seger, and the hottest peppers we’ve ever eaten.

Now the stew is cooking, N’s out watching a Mizzou game, I’m left with all this chocolate and wine to finish before it goes bad, and I’ve put together a mix for 2009. It’s a mix of some of new discoveries (Tiger! Shit! Tiger! Tiger!, Binary Sunrise, Terraplane Sun), old favorites, and weird shit from the tombs. A lot of these songs have appeared on TSTD this year. (And what a banner year it’s been!) So, ENYOY:

All Over But the Sobbing: The Year In Review [110 MB]

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