Our neighbors, the snoring, shouting, banging ones, have been involved in some serious renovation on the wall that separates our bedroom and theirs. Yesterday was hammering and scraping and thudding that was making the wall literally bow outward, as N and I stood there, holding our hands against it. I think they could hear us exclaiming Jesus Walking Fuck what are they doing now? because they sent a 12-year-old girl over as their spokesperson. According to her, they’re apparently replacing the wall, because it’s cracked and our landlord (as I’ve said before) is not particularly proactive. I’m not entirely sure I believe that’s really what they’re doing, but who knows. Hope springs eternal in our household.

Did you happen to see this Daily News article about John LeBoutillier, a crackpot ex-congressman who got ripped off by the mafia? If you didn’t, you might be surprised to find out that enlisting jailed American mobsters in an effort to track down Viet Nam POWs being held as slaves in Belarus is not an efficient use of $18K.

This 1988 article from the NYT shows that LeBoutillier’s been peddling crazy for over 20 years now (alongside Bo Gritz, another selfless humanitarian), claiming at the time that there were anywhere from 4 to 400 POWs still alive in Southeast Asia. There’s not a shred of evidence that this is true.

And yet, he persists. LeBoutillier began collaborating with Frankie “Blue Eyes” Sparaco a few years ago, reasoning that an illiterate, imprisoned mafia hitman from Brooklyn would make the best emissary to correspond with Russian mobsters.

“In our prisons are hundreds of Russians, many of nefarious background; some were even in the KGB,” said LeBoutillier last week. “You and I could not go and find these guys and talk to them. If anyone in there could talk to them, that’s what I want. It doesn’t matter what his background is, if he can help get information about American prisoners of war I’ll talk to him.”

And as a favor to Sparaco, he used his clout to have a man who was convicted of FIVE COUNTS OF MURDER moved to a medium-security prison.

But it turns out that Sparaco and a flower deliveryman accomplice (the brains of the operation, it would seem) were conning LeBoutillier. And it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

The Minutemen, Sickles and Hammers

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