ggHeading back from picking up a quick lunch (Borscht from B&H Dairy — as always, the Lunch is Naked Working.) I passed one of the omnipresent Astor Place Children International street canvassers, who was too busy looking for something in his notebook to harangue me–for once.

Which is a pity, because he had a GG Allin patch on his pants. Talk about a guy who cared about children!

Canvasser: Hi, do you have a minute for children?

Imaginary GG: Of course I do! If it wasn’t for kids, I’d never get laid!

Naturally this exchange wouldn’t have been nearly as OUTRAGEOUSLY funny if it had been between the Canvasser and me. I wish Imaginary GG Allin could always be with me when I talk to canvassers.*

*Please note: I’m nothing but polite to those people. I know they’re forced to be aggressive, because otherwise they wouldn’t make money. I know some of them are brainwashed and don’t know any better. Even though I only belong to cool nonprofits.

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