Via Steam Me Up, Kid, I have been introduced to the magical world of Women Answers, a community website that appears to be a Q&A forum devoted to bots helping bots. And idiots helping 12-year-olds. Or something. For example:

i am lactoes intolerent and i be wondering sence you can’t enjoy milk dose that miserable that my boobs won’t grow

Can I own Colon Hydrotherapy back my Pap smear subsequent daytime?

Orgasm, i surmise?
So everytime i thikn of him i get a hunch down there, I regard I am having an orgasm but i don’t know. as soon as I ponder about him, it immediatly comes and when I stop it go away just as briskly.

Lots of people agonizing over their spells and their lengths.

Could it be that Randy Wilfried has branched out?


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