SoLost: Madame Lynn’s Golden Slipper from Oxford American on Vimeo.

Born in North Little Rock, Arkansas, and attending grade school in the 1950’s, young Charles Lockhart was never like the other boys. He dressed and acted like a girl. Eventually becoming known as “Madame Lynn,” she left Arkansas in the early 60’s to dance (as a female) in well-known mob-owned nightclubs of Kansas City. After stints with several traveling circuses, Lynn went to dance in New Orleans and later to New York, where she danced at the legendary Club 82, once ground zero of pre-Stonewall American drag culture.

In the late 60’s Lynn returned home briefly for an operation and became the first person in Arkansas history to complete a sex change. Many recipients of these early operations are no longer living, but Madame Lynn is alive today and as irrepressible as ever. No longer sporting the Kim Novak look she was once known for, Lynn lives happily on a lake with her husband of many years.

SoLost caught up with Madame Lynn to hear a little bit about her life.

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