Before I post what’s turning out to be the Book Review That Wasn’t about Autobiography of a Recovering Skinhead, I figured I’d share my little foray into the world of genetics.

I recently had genetic testing done via 23andMe, a whimsical purchase during their National DNA Day sale. Because I am female, and not in possession of the Y chromosome (despite what SOME of you might have heard), I can’t trace my maternal grandfather’s line (the ancestry I’m really interested in finding out more about), but I have found out some interesting things about myself.*

One, it appears I have a *lot* more northern European ancestry than I thought. Like, Viking-style. Two, I apparently have some Ashkenazi roots. Three, I will undoubtedly develop glaucoma. Four, that’s okay because I do not possess the SNP that’s connected to cannabis addiction! Five, I have an extremely rare haplotype, which makes me very special.

And speaking of special, I in fact possess the Special Snowflake gene! We can deduce that I’m being coddled just enough by the people around me that I don’t descend into a life of crime but not enough that I achieve the greatness that is due to me by DNA fait accompli.

I will probably snap any day now.

Oh, also, something else I discovered while poking around in search of people with my surname…I am related to someone whose MySpace screenname is “Juggalo Lover.” Could this mean the chickens have come home to roost?

*Interesting to no one but me and the Shadowy Government Organization that’s collecting all of our info, I mean.

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