Idle Words is one of my favorite personal blogs, and because Maciej Cegłowski, its proprietor, only updates a handful of times a year, each post is this lovely, sardonic, pleasantly quirky gem. Right now, he’s in Northern Norway, on the island of Spildra in the Kvænangen fiord (and no, I wouldn’t have known where it was if I hadn’t cut and pasted it). He’s in a very remote, tiny house, and his neighbors are sheep:

Some of the sheep have grown used to getting a treat and will overcome their fear in order to slowly approach you and stare deep into your eyes with their strange barred pupils. For a moment, you experience a feeling of spiritual communion across the vast gulf that separates man from sheep, a strange feeling of being in communication with an utterly different mind. Then the sheep releases a terrific stream of urine. And, if you want, you can do the same.

Apart from the bathing in rusty water, I think this sounds like a lovely vacation spot.

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