I have seen two interesting tattoos in the past week. On Tuesday I saw a woman with a motley assortment of odd-but-not-particularly-interesting tattoos. One of them was a cartoon woman holding what appeared to be a brain in front of the Brooklyn Bridge and the WTC. The whole thing was so incongruous (and shabby, to boot) that I wonder if I was hallucinating. Perhaps it’s from a comic book — err, graphic novel.

In which case…NERDS.

Another, across her back, written in classic tattoo cursive, read Trust No One (which is not at all an uncommon tattoo, particularly among people who pose questions on Yahoo! Answers. How is taatto formed?) (Oh, and also, it’s apparently popular with gang members and Dave Navarro. You are in good company, lady!). Anyhow, I know it sounds parochial of me, but I just think it’s funny to get Trust No One tattooed on a part of your body that you can’t EVEN SEE.

Then the other day I saw a woman with this tattooed on her back:

So it goes.


That was pretty cute. She was in her early 20s, and it wasn’t a regrettable-early-20s thing, like dancing bears around one’s ankle or an ankh on your clavicle or something. At 35, I remain untattooed, and let me tell you something: Given the tattoos I would’ve gotten at age 20, I’m really fortunate that I’m so lazy, averse to pain, and fearful of my parents’ disapproval.* For example, getting El Desdichado done in Old English lettering across my back. Yeah I know. But how could I not admire a guy who walked a lobster on a ribbon in the streets of Paris?

So, no tattoos just yet. YET. By the way, speaking of the heroes of my early 20s, here’s a video of Lou Barlow singing a cover of La Roux’s “Bulletproof.”

*And trusting of no one!

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