rahowaSo I’ve learned, via this Word Made Flesh book website, that “so it goes” is not a particularly original tattoo, at least by literary tattoo standards. In fact, if you look at the tag cloud on this website (*also* devoted to literary tattoos), you’ll find that the largest tag is, indeed, Vonnegut. And as confirmed by this post about literary tattoos, coming in second and third are Sendak and everyone’s favorite pedophile, Lewis Carroll. A couple Bukowskis. (Listen, if you find yourself in bed with a dude tattooed with a quote from, say, Women, run like your shoes are made of fire. Take it from someone who had a disastrous relationship in college with a guy with a Celine tattoo.)

Frankly, I am slightly depressed by the number of Harry Potter tattoos. The Little Prince, that’s whimsical and inspiring, I guess. The Giving Tree? Maybe you weren’t aware of how fucking misogynist the storyline is, so that’s forgivable.* But good lord. I know that tattoos are a symbol of your individuality and belief in personal freedom and all, but this is a series that has sold eleventy-billion copies. Why not just get a tattoo of a pizza and one of the American Idol logo? Because everyone in the world loves both those things too.

Anyhow, so tattoos. This mugshot belongs to a racist skinhead named Eric Fairburn who recently confessed to a 2004 murder. He was in a skinhead band called RaHoWa. They’re kinda like Menudo — too many members to keep track of. Historically, they’ve been the mainstream media’s go-to racist band, so if you’ve ever seen one of those lazy History Channel or VH1 “Hate-in-America”-type shows, you’ve seen them. (In the past few years, their lead singer renounced racism, grew a goatee, and started studying Buddhism, which is pretty much the trajectory for all former skins.) Here’s a quote from the above article:

Fairburn’s chilling photo from 2008 shows the word “murder” tattooed across his neck. The tattoo has since been changed to a design looking like a leafy branch. Greene County prosecutors say Fairburn is known to be violent, and also has a tattoo on his head reading “Hoosier skin head,” as well as a tattoo over his right ear that says “Hatred.”
A quick Google search of his name [Ed note: Is this what passes for journalism today?] pulled up a checkered past, including being on a Nazi watch list and being a guitarist for a band whose name stands for “holy war.”

I wish more idiots would get their personal beliefs tattooed on their faces. It makes them so much easier to ridicule. (Speaking of, this is my new favorite blog. Also: Funny how it’s hard for people to grasp that posting your abortion clinic bombing plans on Facebook is not a good idea especially given the fact that the entire internet is owned by ZOG and run by the New World Order, SHEEPLE!)

*BTW: Another favorite pedophile.

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