momvacay_webThat’s a new drink I’ve invented. It’s called the Margo Kidder. But seriously. It’s not that bad.*

This is another photo from the vaults. My mom, 1965. I think she’s in San Francisco, but I have no idea where. I love that she’s so dressed up to shop in some touristy mall. We look so much alike. Except I don’t iron my hair.

*True story: Probably 15 years ago, a friend of mine went to some posh wedding…I don’t know whose…and among the star-studded guest list was the former mayor of a large city, someone known for his love of crack cocaine and prostitutes. They both ended up at the bar at the same time. My friend ordered a gin and tonic. The bartender mistakenly began to pour Coke into the gin, and my friend said “No no no no!” at which point the former mayor observed, “It’s not that bad.”

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