sobAs you know I’ve been going through my old photos and I came across a few from a certain era — 1991 — and was reminded of driving around in my friend’s mom’s station wagon, making her pull over so that I could talk to some dumb skater guys. At that point I had thoroughly embraced both early hardcore and hip-hop, based largely on the tastes of guys that I liked a lot, so I remember the tape playing: Son of Bazerk, Bazerk Bazerk Bazerk, which — come to think of it — was far cooler than any of the hip hop any of those dudes were listening to. It was a fluke. I loved that album, remember listening to it for years and playing it during parties in college and whatnot.

So imagine the amazing synchronicity: Just the other day, N and I were talking about that silly Jimmy Fallon/Justin Timberlake “history of hip-hop” medley that’s been making the rounds and arguing about who was unjustly left out (hint: EVERY SINGLE WOMAN MC except Missy Elliott and also the Bay Area, but I digress) and we were sitting there trying to name all the notable female MCs out there and coming up woefully short. And then I remembered: “How about Half Pint from Son of Bazerk?” And in a moment notable only because N’s knowledge of rap trumps mine to the power of ten, he said, “Who’s Son of Bazerk?” And I was all like, let me see what I can find on FilesTube. Lo and behold, there we go. (And hey, I bought Bazerk Bazerk Bazerk in 1991 — I’m merely replacing it under warranty.)

And so then I thought, what the hell are they up to these days? So I googled them and here’s the synchronicity: They have totally returned and released their first record in 19 years in September: Well Thawed Out. (Am I crazy, or is it some big secret?) So, goody. I bought it.

Son of Bazerk, Change the Style [1991]
Son of Bazerk, I Swear on a Stack of Old Hits [2010]

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