The headline sells the story short. The URL tells it all.

Nanaimo police warn strip club not to overserve liquor:

Police want to talk to the management of Nanaimo’s Cavallotti Lodge following a drunken melee that erupted at the East Wellington Road hall on Friday night, featuring more than 100 women and a male stripper.

Drunken melees are my favorite melees.

A witness to Friday’s escapades who did not want to be identified said one woman stood on her chair to watch the male exotic dancer, who was dressed up as a police officer before he started to remove his clothing. The women behind her took exception because their view of the stripper was obstructed.

So when the real cops arrived, did the women try to get them to remove their costumes as well?

“I guess one woman assaulted another woman who was blocking her view and then all hell broke loose,” [the officer] said.

The woman whose view of the stripper was blocked asked the woman standing on the chair to sit down and the latter took a swing at her, said the witness.

“She really scratched her on her face.”

She scratched her on her face, y’all.

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