danabatThis is me, just about the time that I was enrolled at Mrs. Brucie’s School of Dance, clumsily twirling my baton to Bob Seger’s “Still the Same.” I think that, for the purposes of the photo, I was made to wear the hat. In my memories from that age, I am always wearing that dress. Like the time I picked a bouquet of poison ivy for my mom, or when we went to the county fair and she accidentally popped my balloon with her cigarette, or when my dad accidentally pushed me off the swing. (I doubt I was actually wearing that dress at the fair or on the swing, but it’s possible that I was in fact wearing it when I picked the poison ivy, because that incident occurred around the same time this photo was taken. Anyhow, children are unreliable witnesses.)

I loved playing baseball with my dad. That’s why I’m holding that yellow plastic bat. Why on earth did they enroll me in dance class?

Bob Seger, Still the Same

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