A follow-up to my earlier post. I have no self control, so obviously I went back to Facebook to take another gander at that virtual Algonquin Round Table. A new comment appeared!

Burn! Finally, they’re getting called out on their bullshit!

The reply came, typical Fox News-tinged glossolalia. This is gonna get really good!


But prepare to be more disappointed than PiL. OH THANK HEAVENS your Mexican husband is as much of a bigot as you are! Otherwise it would be really awkward at Thanksgiving.


Midas well! And hey I love all things legal too!

And finally we have an update from our intrepid reporter, followed by a bon mot that’s sure to kill at the next John Birch Society meeting.


It was only then that I finally unfriended her. Which shows you just how TOLERANT a person I am.

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