I have a lot of flaws. Here’s today’s flaw:

You all know my musical tastes in general. Like, I like scratchy recordings of long-dead guys playing rotted-out guitars with only five strings and a broken neck or some beyond-esoteric British band that recorded an EP that was released on the same day they died in a tragic fiery wreck on their way to play a show in Wigan or something.

And if you do know me you also know that I have a ridiculous aversion to anything deemed hip or popular by, for example, Vice or Pitchfork. (I don’t think this makes me cool; I would classify it as another one of my flaws but am not sure you can consider “being an asshole” a simple flaw.) I can’t control it. When you see those people with Tourette’s Syndrome talk about their tics on the Discovery Channel they often describe them as being almost impossible to ignore, like an itch. And so when aforementioned publications are all excited about some band, I’m like, That band sucks and if you like them you suck too and I hope terrorists bomb their next show RAAAAAAAAAAAH!

So now I must shame-facedly admit that I downloaded the Salem album (off Mediafire, for free, if that makes it any better) and it is so completely anathema to me. I’m sorry. I like Salem.**

Tom*** says that there’s less than zero justification for this unless I’m dating a 15-year-old.

*True story: I said this to someone at a cocktail party, about five minutes after I’d met him, in response to, “So, what are your interests?” I don’t actually remember saying it, but he wrote it down and showed it to me at the next cocktail party I saw him at. I considered hiring him to be my factotum but I don’t really traffic much in witticisms anymore.
**Butt magazine interview. NSFW. I’m not linking to MySpace.
***Who is willing to forgive (and also relentlessly mock) my flaws. Let the record reflect, however, that he likes American Music Club.

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