I’m not one to laugh at others’ misfortune* especially when it’s a direct result of their staggering gullibility** but seriously, this is one of the greatest grifts EVER:

Bedi and Invarsdottir run a Mount Kisco computer repair business where Davidson took his virus-infected computer in August 2004.

The suspects, who live in Chappaqua, concocted a wild story that they had tracked the computer virus to a village in Honduras and determined Davidson’s life was in jeopardy.

Bedi claimed his uncle was an Indian military officer who was sent on a reconnaissance mission to Honduras and seized the hard drive of the computer virus culprits, prosecutors said…..”Bedi further related that his uncle obtained information that Polish priests affiliated with Opus Dei were attempting to possibly harm the victim,” prosecutors said.

Bedi told Davidson that the CIA had contracted him to prevent the priests from infiltrating the U.S. government.

How do you come up a story like that outside of being hypnotized by Herzog or something? Better yet, how do you get someone to literally buy it for $6mil?

*Oh who am I kidding

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