I just realized that I forgot the second half of this morning’s post. More music!

This weekend I hung out with an old college friend (who did not, apparently, suffer the consequences of 11 pm Indian takeout) and we took an electronic trip down music memory lane on the iPod on Saturday night. (Not enjoyed by the others, I suspect.)

We spent a good part of our time together as roommates in a drafty, leaky house and I can’t help but believe that this had some influence on our musical tastes.* (Also, we drank a lot.) I was really getting into Palace and Son Volt too, and finally picking up on all the country and old-timey that I’d listened to as a kid and forgotten about/dismissed. So basically what I’m saying is that if death, damnation, and/or concertinas and fiddles weren’t involved, I wasn’t interested in listening to it.

So I dug these out this morning. I think Tarnation came after he’d already moved out west to learn glass blowing. But it’s still part of the overall theme.

16 Horsepower, Black Soul Choir
Scud Mountain Boys, Silo
Tarnation, Game of Broken Hearts [sorry, this is a big ol’ AAC file — too lazy to convert it]

*This roommate got the first cellphone I’d ever seen up close — it was one of those flip Motorolas. I remember how excited we were at the Best Buy because the phone came with 100 FREE MINUTES (with each additional minute costing 25 cents). Not per month. 100 free minutes, period. Anyhow, we used those minutes up really fast, mainly calling our friends from the bar to tell them we were calling from the bar. Then my roommate moved away and never paid the (stupidly and, IMO, unfairly high) bill and I got 8 am calls from collections agencies for months afterward.

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