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        Sensors and instruments

        Innovation / High-efficiency / Sincerity

        Precision Temp.and Humi sensor is a semiconductor sensitive device design solution using new patented technology and an integrated intelligent monitoring module for temp. and Humi..The module is not only more intuitive, high precision, low cost, beautiful appearance and easy installation, but also with patented technology of self-calibration and self-recovery. Thus measurement accuracy of products is high and with long-term stability.

        1. Temp.range: -10~70°C

        2. Temp. measurement tolerance: <±0.5°C, tested at 25°C

        3. Humi.range: 0~100%RH

        4. Humi.measurement tolerance: <±5%RH, tested at 25°C

        5. Size: 80*80*30mm

        6. Communication port: RS485

        7. Work voltage: 12VDC(6~15VDC)

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