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        Sensors and instruments

        Innovation / High-efficiency / Sincerity

        Smog sensor is onsite alarm and networking detector, using photoelectric detection methods. Detectors can detect the smog accurately by intelligent program analysis technologies. Once smoke density exceeds the setting alarm upper limit, detector alerts and sends alarm signal of dry contact to acquisition controller. The detector is built-in high volume buzzer. Making loud sound after alerting.

        1. Power supply: DC 12V

        2. Output form: Relay dry contact output

        2.Alarm volume: >70dB (Right ahead of 1m)

        3. Working ambient temp.: -10°C~50°C

        4. Working ambient relative humi.: <95%(40°C, No condensation)

        5. Size: 105*54mm (Outer Diameter*Height)

        6. materials, colour: ABS, white

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