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        Sensors and instruments

        Innovation / High-efficiency / Sincerity

        1. UV detection(Detection wave length185-260nm)

        2. Alert distance:10m, angle is about 120° taper

        3. Sensitivity settings:Detect timer is divided to 0.2 sec,1 sec,6 sec and 30 sec

        4. Current consumption:Standby 25mA or smaller, Alarm 75mA or smaller (Alarm sound on),Alarm 40mA or smaller (Alarm sound off)

        5. Alarm output:Dry contact relay output COM, N.O, N.C.(Alarm:On/Off)

        1) Contact action:Close delayed(2 Sec)

        2) Contact capacity:(30VAC/DC)0.3A,protective resistance is 3.3 ohm

        6. Indicator:Alarm indicator (Red):Indicator on after close delayed 10 seconds

        1) Memory indicator (Yellow): Memory indicator on, flashing while power on

        7. Alarm sound(Buzzer):Alarm:Ring every other 0.2 seconds within 10 seconds close delayed

        8. Volume:1m ahead is 80 dB or louder

        9. Anti-tamper output:Dry contact N.C.,Contact capacity30V(AC/DC)0.25A

        10. Work environment:-10℃~+60℃

        11. Weight:about 150g

        12. Appearance:ABS, white

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