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        EMS Series Monitoring host

        Innovation / High-efficiency / Sincerity

        1. Industrial grade low energy consumption design, typical power is 5W; no need Aux heat dissipation devices

        2. Hardware-level write-protect, anti-Trojan, anti-virus, ensure the correctness of data

        3. 1*10/100M -T Protocol self-adaption Network Card that can be connected to ADSL or network switch and router devices.

        4. High precision real-time clock, sync with network clock, make time acquisition more accurate

        5. 16*RJ45 multifunction sensor ports can access RS485/DI sensors

        6. 2*RS-485 ports, standard RJ45 port, access intelligent equipment

        7. 1*Alarm port screw terminal pairs, 12VDC output

        8. 1*RS-485 port, Screw terminal

        9. 1*Modem port used to access SMS alarm and phone alarm module

        10. 4-way 12VDC output

        11. 4-way Analog input 4~20mA

        12. 1 reset button

        13. Power supply is 220VAC, range is 90~264VAC

        14. LED indicator: Power, State and alarm indication

        15. Work ambient temperature: -10°C ~ +60°C

        16. Storage Temperature: -40°C ~85°C

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